The Rise of AI Boyfriends - What You Need to Know in 2024

It’s 2024 and AI is everywhere. By now, I am sure you have already heard from at least one of your friends about AI boyfriends.

<h2>What are AI Boyfriends?</h2>
<p>AI boyfriends are nothing more or less than an AI that chats with you, listens to you, and can even send you voice messages and images. We are certain that within 2024, if not 2025, the ability to send video will be integrated as well.</p>
<h2>Why are AI Boyfriends Relevant in Today's Society?</h2>
<p>In today’s society, especially in online dating, rejection plays a major role. A small number of people get most of the likes, while the majority face more rejection, which can lead to depression.</p>
<p>AI boyfriends, on the other hand, won’t reject you (unless you ask them to). You can create them to your liking (blue eyes, muscular, etc.). You can even choose their character!</p>
<p>This is relevant because many people suffer in silence, and AI boyfriends can help people talk to someone. While talking to a real person or friend is best, an AI boyfriend can already do a great job, especially since they won’t judge you!</p>
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