Underage Policy

Date of Revision: [01/01/2024]

At Black Labs Studio UG, we prioritize responsible and safe usage of our platform, Papacito.ai (“APP”), which is designed for users who meet the legal age requirements.

Age Requirement for Access: The APP, featuring AI-generated adult content, is strictly for registered users who are at least 18 years old or of legal age in their respective countries. Users must affirm their age compliance to access adult content on the APP.

Age Verification Measures: To prevent underage access, we employ an age gate at registration, requiring users to confirm they are 18 or older. Misrepresentation of age violates our Terms of Service, and users are responsible for adhering to local laws on adult content.

User Content Responsibility: Users are accountable for the content generated through interactions with AI Companions on the APP. This includes ensuring that all activities and generated content abide by applicable laws, our Terms and Policies, particularly the Blocked Content Policy which prohibits content harmful to minors.

Content Moderation: Our proprietary LLM technology-based content moderation filter helps enforce compliance with our policies. If content violating our terms is detected, we may review and take necessary actions, including account termination, to uphold a respectful and secure environment.

Content Removal: We reserve the right to remove any user content that we deem, at our discretion, violates these provisions.

Reporting and Contact: Concerns or violations can be reported via hello@mamacita.ai or directly in the APP under the “Contact” section.

Account Termination: We reserve the right to suspend or terminate access to the APP for users suspected of policy infringement.

This policy reflects our commitment to ensuring Papacito.ai remains a safe, legal, and responsible platform for adult content.